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Heating system comparison
UriOne Energy
Energy : Electric
Heat Exchange : Water Circulation Type
Cost : Low-priced
Feature : No Condensation effect, Effective in plant growth by negative ions
Other Product
Energy : Gas, Oil, Electric
Heat Exchange : Geat Coil system or Direct Heating boiler system
Cost : High priced(Oil/Gas)
Feature : Depending on the case, it need additional facilities(Ducts, Pipes, etc) it may have dryness phenomenon in plants
Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits picture

Technical Overview

Technical Overview picture
  • Equipped with special patented heat exchanger ( British Technical Standard)
  • Semi-permanent product, applying new technologies to the compact heat exchanger systems
  • Smart triple overheat protection control system application
  • One-piece system ( Ductless & Pipeless)
  • Option : Smart remote control system

Product Specification

Model Uriw-Agro Uriw-003 Uriw-010
Electric Capacity 10kw 3kw 10kw
Air flow volume 1,800 600 1,800
Size(cm) 55*75*30 48*25*170 53*33*180
Weight(kg) 32 24 35
Area 100m2 100m2 100m2

Install guideline

Temperature(℃) Heating Area(m2) Note
6~20 100~200 Strawberry, Vegetables
10~25 50~100 Tomato, Mushroom, Grape
20~30 50~100 Paprika, Mango, Tropical Fruits

Expected Benefits

  • Preventing condensation
  • No flame effect, Maintaining a clean inside air condition
  • More effective, available early harvest by negative ion generating
  • About 30% output increasing effect
  • excellent environmental improvement
  • One-piece system (Don’t need additional facilities of ducts, pipes, etc..)
  • Smart System (Remote operating system)
  • Negative iron radiation : 600 – 1,200 on/cc

Induction Heating Boiler


Product picture
Induction system electrical energy to magnetic energy and converted into thermal energy
70% of diesel oil, 50% gas, approximately 20% of the energy saving electric boiler
Small (1320mm x 640mm x 300mm) can be installed in narrow places
Operating noise during operation, almost no
No need to replace the heater rods, such as electric boiler
Not permanent and economically possible operational failure factors
No need management personnel system automatically


Example - Hot water system :Apartment, Hospital,dormitory etc,Heating system:bathhouse,english Sauna, shower facilities etc  Industrial equipment heating system:High-temperature wash , Injection Molding, Preheating system

Temperature and pressure compensator


Device to give an accurate calculation terms by measuring the temperature and pressure of the gas in the state of 1 atm at 0 ℃
City gas users in proportion to the temperature rise around -> use the gas used in normal room temperature, gas volume rate of gas fumes More than -> actual usage (volume expansion by rising 0.37% to 1 ℃) expansion


Apply - See details below

Installation effect

numberWhereSitePre-installationinstallationCompensation rateCost savings
pre- valuepost-valueusagepost-valuesaving
1 ooMart Cafeteria 34 4,283 4,249 4,016 267 6.30% 186,900
2 ooStore Boiler 1,080,001 1,088,606 8,605 1,088,080 526 6.10% 376,616
3 ooBank machine room 43,059 52,595 9,536 52,345 486 5.10% 388,800
4 ooRestaurant Cook 927,634 946,634 19,326 945,131 1,503 7.80% 1,076,148
5 ooRestaurant Cook 109,451 118,630 9,179 117,870 760 8.30% 595,080

Uri-one Burner / Grill


  • Boasting the best-fired burner is 28-33% gas savings with existing legacy
  • Burners than 2-3 minutes to cook faster heating rates can be rapid
  • There is no clogging burner easy and convenient to clean separation


Perfect combustion! Easy to clean Less clogged burner Waste gas removal Strong Firepower

Company Certification Status

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